How it Works

Webrex website development process

What we do?

Webrex streamlines the website development process for businesses, bloggers, e-commerce stores and NGOs. You can also get your Learning Management System developed, utilizing our solutions and services.

How to Get Started?

We craft personalized web solutions for all in 3 simple steps. Choose what you need, pick a unique and responsive theme and begin towards building a perfect website for your needs.

Why us?

Our web development process is unique and the best of both worlds. We automate development just as drag-n-drop builders. We are determined to deliver fully-customized solutions as per your needs. Where else could you get it?!

How Webrex Works?

Step 1: Place an Order

Create your Webrex website account and follow the simple 3-step process from placing an order. Afterward, track the order or project related from My Account > Order Progress Status.

Step 2: Remote Discussion

Take part in a 30-minutes remote meeting with our manager. We will create a PMS account, discuss requirements, ask for details and clear all dependencies to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Development

The Webrex team will start full-fledged development of your website on getting complete details as needed for developing your website. All deadlines will be decided at this stage.

Step 4: First and Second Draft Review

Sequentially review 1st & 2nd version of your website in 30-minute demo sessions. After all updates, we will let you know regarding the initiation of the website launch process.

Step 5: Final Delivery

Your website will be made live and put in the public domain. We’ll integrate needed modules, polish UI, perform deep testing and check the functionality of all features before the launch.

Benefits of Webrex

One-Stop Solution

Get the theme, domain, hosting, add-ons and everything you might need for your website under one roof. We provide you the flexibility of choosing what you want from us and what not.

High-grade Customization Services

Unlike our drag-n-drop automated builders, Webrex is a personalization-friendly solution provider. Get your website customized to any extent as per your needs and mark your unique presence in the market.

Speedy Services

Our developers and designers follow a streamlined process to deliver quality services on time. We put the desired number of expert resources for working on your project so that you could get fast and quality-driven services.

No Headaches

We never ruin your schedule or days in the process, as we collect every required thing before we start the development process. So, do not worry while we are working for you. You will always get the best services as promised.

Smooth delivery

Expertise, skill, and innovativeness of our team help us deliver projects and launch websites really fast, and without any compromise in quality. Stay assured about the timeliness of every draft and final launch.


Webrex offers pocket-friendly website development solutions and services. we pre-decide the overall project cost so that you never fall short on the budget and projects could be completed as expected.

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